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The past year has been a shock to the system, and the Asian Woman Festival team believes that 2020 taught us just how important each day really is.

We found ourselves creating new routines that prioritised our self-care and mental health. We made time for our passions, became even more aware of who we want, or didn’t want to spend our precious time with and we’re carrying this energy into the new year ahead.

To help us all do this, we’ve created the first-ever calendar for our community representing female empowerment, self-love, and affirmations to act as a reminder for us all to continue to put our energy into the things that serve and bring us joy.

    AWF 2021 Calendar

    • The AWF 2021 calendar features the main South Asian cultural and religious festivals, so whichever ones you observe or celebrate, we’ve got you covered!

      Each month portrays an accurate, diverse and intersectional representation of a South Asian woman, and a new affirmation to remind us just how beautiful life is.

      The AWF 2021 calendar is bursting with thoughtfully curated drawings of South Asian women that reflect us, and all the women we know, are inspired by and admire. You can also use the images as prints (they’d look amazing framed) after it’s served its purpose as a calendar.

      Product Details:

      • Size: A4 
      • Dimensions: 21.0 x 29.7cm 
      • Style: Wall Calendar 
      • Binding: Spiral
      • Hanger Type: Metal Loop
      • Duration: 12 months 
      • Start Month: January 
      • Week Start Day: Monday
      • Runs through until December 2021
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