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Apply to host a stall at the Asian Woman Festival 2020. 

We welcome applications from new businesses, local traders, as well as established brand favourites for our Festival Bazaar.  There will be over 1500 visitors throughout the duration of the festival, including many press and promotional opportunities. 

Our 2019 Festival Bazaar was a melting pot of an array of different stalls, interactive activities - it was the heart and soul of the festival with vibrancy and real buzz throughout the day. Some stallholders used the Festival Bazaar as an opportunity to launch their side hustles and businesses too. You can view the highlights video and images here.  

Asian Woman Festival 2019 Festival Bazaa

What does the Asian Woman Festival look for from applicants?

The presentation and appearance of your stall is important as are the goods you are proposing to sell. We look for stalls which fit in with the ethics of the Asian Woman Festival and are keen for the Festival Bazaar to be full of good quality food and products, at a fair price. 


In your application, we ask you to list the items you wish to sell along with prices. We are very careful to minimise product clashes across the festival and selling products without prior authorisation will be considered a breach of the Terms & Conditions. We understand that things change so please keep us updated.  

Stalls are not allocated on a first-come-first-served basis, we assess each application on its own merit so please provide as much information as possible in your application.

Asian Woman Festival 2019 Festival Bazaa

What should I bear in mind before submitting my application?

  • Applications close Sunday 16 February - extended to 29 February.

  • All stalls include complimentary tickets to ensure you have enough people to manage your stall.

    • Single stall - 2 tickets 

    • Double stall - 4 tickets
      Should you require any more tickets, they can be purchased here.

  • You MUST NOT use the Asian Woman Festival Logo, name and/or Images on any goods or promotional material without permission.


  • Sub-contracting, sub-letting or the sharing of a stall or any part of a stall is strictly forbidden. We expect the trader applying to be the trader running and managing the stall on site.

  • All your products must be clearly priced and you must have a price list for customers to view.

  • We will provide you with the table, tablecloth, stall name sign, panel board and chairs for your stall.  Anything else is your responsibility as the stallholder. 

  • We do not ask for any of your takings, all we ask is that your price your items fairly for shoppers.

  • We cannot allow stallholders to arrive and set up after 10 am – OR – pack up and leave before 4.30 pm. No exceptions. If you can’t stay until the end of the day, please do not book a stall. 

Food traders, in addition to the points above please note:

  • This year, due to the nature of our venue, we are working with one main company to provide hot cooked food. No other food traders will be able to cook or fry food onsite. You are welcome to apply to host a food stall for anything that doesn't require cooking or frying.  You will need to bring your own equipment to heat food and let us know this in your application. Any electrical appliances must be pat tested.

Documentation food traders need to provide:

  • You need to provide your food hygiene rating certificate or Method Statement on food hygiene (if not registered with your local council). You can download a template for a Method Statement here.

  • You must provide your own public liability insurance. One of the many sources available online for getting insurance for your stall is here.

  • All exhibitors serving food/drinks must adhere to the current legislation on food allergens outlined on this page here.

Stall set up and breakdown timings:





4.30pm - 5pm


6.30pm - 8pm 


8am - 9.30pm




We would prefer local stallholders to set up Friday evening and stallholders attending from outside of the West Midlands to set up on Saturday morning. 


Start of setup times is an estimate at this stage - these might differ slightly on Friday depending on the progress of our festival build.

Start of breakdown times is an estimate - the times from which breakdown can begin are subject to all the festival closing and members of the public being clearing the exhibition hall.

Please make sure to arrive early to allow plenty of time for setup - and please do not be late on Saturday morning. (Exhibitors who arrive during opening hours will have to move stock into the venue by hand when it is safe to do so, without the use of trolleys for health and safety reasons)


How much does it cost to host a stall? 

Single Stall




Double Stall





Selling products or services 


Food / Drinks

Example of stall sizes

Single Stall
Hire includes: One 6ft trestle table, tablecloth, two chairs, stall name sign and a panel board which acts as a back wall.


Double Stall

Hire includes: two 6ft trestle tables (12ft in total), two tablecloths, four chairs, stall name sign and a panel board which acts as a back wall.


If you would like something bespoke designed for your stall or require something larger than a double stall, please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

How to apply for a stall 

Please read our Terms and Conditions first and only book when you are sure you wish to exhibit at this event. If your application is successful, your stall will be confirmed once full payment has been received. 

Please click on the link applicable to you below to apply for a stall. If you have any questions please contact us. 

Asian Woman Festival 2019 Festival Bazaa
Asian Woman Festival 2019 Festival Bazaa
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